Why Triton

We are proud of our history and what sets us apart. Watch this quick video and see!

History has its place. It’s a moment in time that marks where you were. However, true pioneers afford themselves little time to glance over their shoulder. And, pioneers have no fear of the future because they’re too busy creating it. Fueled by our own passions and lifestyles—Triton is headquartered in Hartford, Wisconsin. A town built on an ethic of hard work and endurance. Triton builds to withstand. We don’t cut corners. We know there’s a big difference between getting it done and getting it done right. What we build must go over. What we build must go through. What we build must carry. What we build must protect. We pioneer for pioneers. For first tracks. For points unknown. For the ultimate thrill. For discovery. For livelihood. Our people recognize quality when they see it. When we’re hitched up at point A we don’t necessarily need to know where point B is. But we’ll get there with confidence. Pioneered. Rugged. Premium. Recognized. Passionate. We build Triton to endure. Towing Triton is towing trust. WE ARE TRITON. Built for Adventure.


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