Entry Level (Wave)

Our WAVE trailer is designed with quality materials to ensure you receive the easiest-to-use personal watercraft hauling experience. With features like a dual bowed cradle design and custom molded wiring harness, you can be sure your watercraft will be easy to load and safely secured. Take a look at some additional features and accessories below, and be sure to request a quote from your dealer.

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  • Dual bowed cradle frame design on single place trailers provide lower launch height and lower profile on the road while towing (on single place).
  • Adjustable brackets and carpeted 5' bunks provides maximum adjustability to help balance and secure the watercraft to the trailer.
  • Designed for 130” class and smaller personal watercraft.
  • Keel guard to protect the personal watercraft’s hull.
  • Custom molded wiring harness, routed through the trailer frame, keeps your wiring protected from the elements.
  • Easy to use Bearing Lube system provides superior lubrication and long bearing life.
  • 4 tiedown positions to properly secure different sized personal watercraft.
  • Galvanized axles provide superior corrosion protection from salt water and other damaging elements.
  • 60” tongue for best fit in watercraft class size.
  • Sealed lights on entire trailer.
  • Five year limited warranty when registered online.
Number of Watercraft11
Overall Length145"145"
Overall Width55"55"
Carrying Capacity1,030 lbs1,330 lbs
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