Designed specifically for the outdoor sports industry, a Triton Kayak trailer effectively eliminates handling problems and provides the easiest and safest way to bring new kayaks home, and, on to the water for years to come. You can haul 2-6 kayaks with our different rack systems.

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  • All aluminum light weight frame including custom extrusions providing superior capacity.
  • Quality 2" coupler with steel safety chains and spring loaded clips for ease of use, strength and safety when you need it the most.
  • Galvanized slipper leaf spring axle provides superior corrosion protection from salt water and other damaging elements.
  • Custom molded wiring harness, routed through the trailer frame, keeps your wiring protected from the elements.
  • Easy to use Bearing Lube system provides superior lubrication and long bearing life.
  • Submersible taillights.
  • Long and strong aluminum rack with cushioned rails for kayak's of all sizes and weights. Also supporting canoes up to 16' long.
  • Full size highway tires providing better wear and tear.
  • Welded aluminum tiedown positions on each rack providing safe and secure hauling.
  • Five year limited warranty when registered online.
LXT-LK BASE Plus Mast Kit
Number of Craft2-6
Trailer Weight235 lbs
Carrying Capacity1,265 lbs
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