Designed specifically for the silent sports enthusiast, the LXT-LK Series carries kayaks, surfboards, sailboards, and canoes.  Choose from two-place, four-place, or six-place rack systems to outfit the trailer for your gear.

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  • 4-Place Mast Kit slideshow image
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  • Fully Welded Frame: The Triton difference – all-aluminum, fully welded frame provides a solid structure for years of loading and unloading.
  • Tie Downs: Welded tie down tabs on all racks provide multiple points for cargo security.
  • Carries Up To Six Crafts: Rack system with cushioned rails is designed for flat hull crafts and provides two-place, four-place or six-place carrying capacity.
  • Leaf spring axle.
  • Accommodates Multiple Kayak Types: Designed to accommodate most recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks. Check the dimensions of your craft(s) for proper fit.
  • Sealed Lights: Sealed lights and wiring harnesses throughout trailer resist corrosion caused by moisture.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
LXT-LK BASE Plus Mast Kit
Number of Craft2-6
Trailer Weight235 lbs
Carrying Capacity1,265 lbs