Fit Series

As its name suggests, the FIT Series is uniquely designed to fit whatever you are hauling.  With a broad range of trailer sizes and carrying capacities, a wide range of accessory kits that fit every trailer model, and the most tie down possibilities to secure cargo – FIT Series is the go-to trailer, no matter what you are hauling.

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  • Fully Welded, All-Aluminum Frame and Ramp: The Triton difference – fully welded frames and ramps are fixture-built with custom aluminum extrusions, providing added strength and solid structures for years of use.
  • Durable 1” hardwood plank deck. Hardwood planks are stronger than pine and can be sealed, unlike pressure treated lumber.
  • Straight And Bi-Fold Ramp Options: Easy to use when loading and unloading, the straight and bi-fold ramps also fold flat on the deck when the trailer is empty, reducing drag while towing.
  • Quickslide™ And 360˚ Carriage Bolt Tie-Down Channels: FIT is the most flexible for securing cargo and offers the most tie down positions. Carriage bolt channels on the exterior of the frame (front, sides and rear) provide 360˚ of tie down possibilities, while Quickslide channels provide tie down options the full length of the trailer deck.
  • Wide Range Of Accessory Kits: Need side rails or side walls to get the job done? Choose from a wide range of kits that are easily assembled on any FIT trailer model, from side rails and stone guards to solid sides and fence-style walls.
  • Standard And Optional Tie Downs: Every FIT trailer comes standard with four D-ring tie downs for the full-length Quickslide channels. Additional D-rings, flush tie downs and eyebolt tie downs are available for the Quickslide channels in the deck, and D-rings are available for the carriage bolt channels on the exterior frame.
  • Flush LED Lighting: LED lighting is integrated into the rear cross members, fenders and side rails for a clean appearance. Wiring is protected from road debris in the aluminum wireways.
  • Four Cord Rubber E-Coated Torsion Axle: Designed for a smooth ride and corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum Fenders: The icing on the cake – sleek aluminum fenders complement the signature fit and finish of the all-aluminum construction FIT trailers.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
(width x length)
64" x 96"64" x 120"80.75" x 144"80.75" x 168"80.75" x 168"80.75" x 192"
(width x length)
85.16" x 134"85.16" x 158"101.91" x 182"101.91" x 206"102" x 206"102" x 230"
Deck Height18"18"19.25"19.25"19.25"19.25"
Carrying Capacity1,743 lbs1,690 lbs2,201 lbs2,206 lbs
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
2,706 lbs2,711 lbs5,862 lbs5,777 lbs
Trailer Weight457 lbs510 lbs794 lbs789 lbs1,138 lbs1,223 lbs