CH & EHHD Series

Whether hauling for work or play, the CH and EHHD Series have extreme strength to carry heavy equipment, cars and vehicles.  Infinite tie down positions run the full length of the extruded aluminum trailer deck to secure cargo.  The rear beavertail makes unloading and loading easy for all cargo, especially low ground clearance vehicles. Take a look at some additional features below, and be sure to request a quote from your dealer when you find the model you’re looking for.

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  • Fully Welded Frame & Deck: The Triton difference – all-aluminum, fully welded frame provides a solid structure for years of loading and unloading. Frame and decking are fixture-built with custom extrusions, providing added strength with Triton fit and finish.
  • Unlimited Tie Down Points: Integrated channels in the side rails and three Quickslide channels in the deck provide multiple tie down points. Four heavy-duty D-ring tie downs can be easily moved and positioned in the channels to secure cargo.
  • Sealed LED Lights and Wiring: LED lights are sealed and wiring throughout trailer is sealed and encased in aluminum tubing, resisting corrosion caused by moisture.
  • Diamond Plate Fenders: Fender is removable on the driver’s side for vehicle access and door clearance.
  • Designed for Large Vehicle Loading: 3 ½” dropped rear beavertail deck for easy loading of most low ground clearance vehicles. Two jack stands provide additional stability. CH models have two heavy-duty twin ramps for rear and side loading; includes front rack for easy storage. EHHD models have a fully welded, heavy-duty bi-fold aluminum ramp with support legs for stable loading.
  • Tongue Design: Fully welded A-frame tongue adds strength to the heavy-duty frame for towing and frequent loading and unloading of cars and equipment.
  • Tandem Torsion Axles: Independent suspension with four cord rubber torsion axles provides a smooth ride. Electric brakes standard on both axles.
  • Tongue Jack: 2,000# (CH models) or 5,000# (EHHD models) tongue jack with skid plate helps you easily move your trailer into position.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
(width x length)
97 1/2" x 216"97 1/2" x 240"97 1/2" x 264"97 1/2" x 216"97 1/2" x 240"97 1/2" x 264"
(width x length)
102" x 268"102" x 292"102" x 316"102" x 286"102" x 310"102" x 334"
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
6,020 lbs5,900 lbs5,780 lbs8,185 lbs7,985 lbs7,785 lbs
Trailer Weight1,480 lbs1,600 lbs1,720 lbs1,810 lbs2,010 lbs2,210 lbs
Loading StyleSide/RearSide/RearSide/RearRearRearRear