FIT Series

As its name suggests, the FIT Series is uniquely designed to fit whatever you are hauling.  With a broad range of trailer sizes and carrying capacities, a wide range of accessory kits that fit every trailer model, and the most tie down possibilities to secure cargo – FIT Series is the go-to trailer, no matter what you are hauling.

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  • Fully Welded, All-Aluminum Frame and Ramp: The Triton difference – fully welded frames and ramps are fixture-built with custom aluminum extrusions, providing added strength and solid structures for years of use.
  • Straight And Bi-Fold Ramp Options: Easy to use when loading and unloading, the straight and bi-fold ramps also fold flat on the deck when the trailer is empty, reducing drag while towing.
  • Wide Range Of Accessory Kits: Need side rails or side walls to get the job done? Choose from a wide range of kits that are easily assembled on any FIT trailer model, from side rails and stone guards to solid sides and fence-style walls.
  • Flush LED Lighting: LED lighting is integrated into the rear cross members, fenders and side rails for a clean appearance. Wiring is protected from road debris in the aluminum wireways.
  • Aluminum Fenders: The icing on the cake – sleek aluminum fenders complement the signature fit and finish of the all-aluminum construction FIT trailers.
  • Durable 1” Aluminum Deck: All models are available with a 1” aluminum deck for robust performance.
  • Quickslide™ And 360˚ Carriage Bolt Tie-Down Channels: FIT is the most flexible for securing cargo and offers the most tie down positions. Carriage bolt channels on the exterior of the frame (front, sides and rear) provide 360˚ of tie down possibilities, while Quickslide channels provide tie down options the full length of the trailer deck.
  • Standard And Optional Tie Downs: Every FIT trailer comes standard with four D-ring tie downs for the full-length Quickslide channels. Additional D-rings, flush tie downs and eyebolt tie downs are available for the Quickslide channels in the deck, and D-rings are available for the carriage bolt channels on the exterior frame.
  • Four Cord Rubber E-Coated Torsion Axle: Designed for a smooth ride and corrosion resistance.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Designed for easy vehicle loading: Automotive racing shock system with controlled tilting provides smooth action for easy loading and unloading. (FIT1072TILT, FIT1281TILT, FIT1481TILT)
FIT852FIT864FIT1064FIT1072 & FIT1072TILTFIT1272FIT1281 & FIT1281TILTFIT1472FIT1481 & FIT1481TILTFIT1481-2FIT1681-2
(width x length)
52" x 96"64" x 96"64" x 120"72.5" x 120"72.5" x 144"80.75" x 144"72.5" x 168"80.75" x 168"80.75" x 168"80.75" x 192"
(width x length)
73.09" x 134"85.16" x 134"85.16" x 158"93.78" x 158"93.78" x 182"101.91" x 182"93.78" x 206"101.91" x 206"102" x 206"102" x 230"
Deck Height18"18"18"19.25"19.25"19.25"19.25"19.25"19.25"19.25"
Carrying Capacity1,818 lbs1,772 lbs1,723 lbs2,472 lbs2,399 lbs2,261 lbs2,311 lbs2,188 lbs
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
2,977 lbs2,909 lbs2,766 lbs2,816 lbs2,693 lbs5,875 lbs5,785 lbs
Trailer Weight382 lbs428 lbs477 lbs523 lbs596 lbs734 lbs684 lbs807 lbs1,125 lbs1,215 lbs