Photo of LowRider, spare tire, wheel well and front door open
Triton LowRider Hybrid TC Trailer

This article originally appeared in American Snowmobiler magazine.

By Ross Halvorson
Associate Editor
December, 2016

Ease of trailering often plays a factor in deciding between staying home or one more epic weekend on the snow. The new LowRider Hybrid TC trailers from Triton make that decision a no-brainer –you’re going! What makes this first-of-its kind trailer so great is that it has all the benefits powersports enthusiasts love about Triton’s Hybrid TC Trailer, but it is 4-inches lower. This results in a very shallow ramp angle, which makes loading/unloading much easier. It also improves towing ability, with more aerodynamics than a standard “deck-over” trailer. Plus, you still get the full 8-foot width that allows you to park two sleds side-by-side. The LowRider Hybrid TC is available in 11- and 12-foot lengths, with the tires tucked under the trailer for maximum deck width. There is a small, 4.5-inch-high wheel well on each side of the interior of the trailer, short enough that you can drive over them with your skis. We’ve used a pre-production version of this trailer several times, and we can fully vouch for the ease of loading and unloading snowmobiles, even over a small wheel well bump. We would recommend adding ski traction products the full length of the deck and ramp in all trailers. (See Caliber LowPro Grip Glides at www.caliber, and Superclamp Superglides at What about mileage? We took several long hauls to with the trailer totally loaded up with sleds, magazines, and other equipment, and we averaged about 11.2 mpg while towing on the freeway. Even with the shorter height, there is nearly six feet of clearance inside of the trailer. If you’re under 5-foot-10, you’ll have no problem standing inside, and driving sleds on and off the ramp only requires a slight bend of the neck to get in and out. The LowRider Hybrid TC trailers are geared for transport. You might fit a few more accessories in there, but it’s not necessarily meant to be a trailer for wrenching in. If you’re looking for something simple, stylish, and at the top end of functionality, the LowRider Hybrid TC trailers from Triton are worth a look. Cost varies on length and options.

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