This location for water to drain from the trailer has a protective cover under the trailer to keep road slop out. The minimum gap allows vehicles and equipment to transition over without obstruction. This option is best paired with a heater.

Let the sun trickle-charge the on-board battery with a roof-mounted 10W solar panel.

Perfect for wheel chocks and additional tie downs, add a Quickslide to the middle of the deck floor, running the full deck length from the rear to the V-nose. (available on Prestige and Lowboy models only)

21048 – Prestige
21059 – Lowboy

Bullet lights and tail lights have bright LEDs and clear lenses for a modern touch. An easy flip of the switch illuminates the integrated rear loading light for loading at night. 500 Lumen per light (Prestige and Lowboy only)

Gives additional coverage of lights from both curb and roadside of trailer. 1400 Lumens per light.

Great for lighting up the outside of the trailer at night. Comes with two LED lights on roadside, curbside or both with wall switch inside. 1400 Lumens per light.

Stabilize the rear of your trailer during loading.

Models Available:
Hybrid TC: TC118, TC128 and TC167

Fuel your machines through this 13” x 13″ door after they have been loaded. The door also comes with a keyed lock. For all models.

Add a second switch for added convenience.

Engineered for hauling.