Vault Series

Our Vault line of enclosed trailers is designed with quality materials for years of trouble-free service. With features like a ramp approach angle engineered into the door, and ⅜” plywood walls, you receive the easiest-to-use snowmobile trailer experience. Take a look at some additional features below, and be sure to request a quote from your dealer when you find the model you’re looking for.

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  • Full length axle mount beam.
  • Heavy duty A-frame tongue design.
  • 16” wall studs, ceiling and floor cross members for maximum support.
  • Side access door for quick and convenient entry without having to unload your cargo.
  • Cam arms and aluminum door hinges have grease zerks to provide fluid quality movement and long life.
  • Heavy duty 1200 lb. tongue jack with swivel wheel.
  • 24“ tall aluminum diamond plate stone guard
  • Exterior designed with customized bottom rail and corner extrusion for a superior fit and finish.
  • Aluminum roof and sides fit seamlessly (no gaps) into custom designed cove extrusion.
  • Four cord rubber torsion axle with integrated grease system in every hub for excellent flow past both bearings.
  • Custom molded wiring harness, routed through the cove and trailer frame.
  • US DOT and Transport Canada compliant sealed LED bullet marker lights and stop, turn, and tail light bars.
  • Interior LED dome light (6 & 7’ wide); two interior LED dome lights (8’ wide).
  • Ramp approach angle engineered into door.
  • Four flush mount D-ring tie downs (6' & 7’ wide) - six flush mount D-ring tie downs (8’ wide).
  • Dual air vents: one rear low and one front high.
  • 3/8” water resistant plywood walls fitted into our custom designed cove extrusion.
  • 3/4” water resistant flooring.
  • 5-year limited warranty when registered online.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Axle3,500 lbs3,500 lbs2/3,500 lbs2/3,500 lbs3,500 lbs2/3,500 lbs2/3,500 lbs2/3,500 lbs2/2,500-5,200 lbs2/2,500-5,200 lbs2/2,500-5,200 lbs
Number of Sleds11112223333
(width x length)
69" x 120"69" x 144"69" x 144"69" x 168"81" x 144"81" x 144"81" x 168"81" x 192"93" x 189"93" x 213"93" x 237"
Rear Door
(width x length)
63 1/2" x 66" up to 78" 63 1/2" x 66" up to 78" 63 1/2" x 66" up to 78" 63 1/2" x 66" up to 78" 75" x 66" up to 78"75" x 66" up to 78"75" x 66" up to 78"75" x 66" up to 78"87" x 66" up to 78"87" x 66" up to 78"87" x 66" up to 78"
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
2,190 lbs2,090 lbs5,330 lbs5,205 lbs2,040 lbs5,275 lbs5,185 lbs5,095 lbs4,740-7,735 lbs4,640-7,635 lbs4,501-7,496 lbs