Photo of Kaizen event plant map and participents
Snow Kaizen

We are always looking to improve the quality and value we already provide to our customers. In fact, continuous improvement is at the foundation of how Triton Trailers operates. With that motivation, we’d like to share that recently we completed a successful five-day Kaizen event for our snow trailer line. Kaizen events intend to improve an existing process with fast implementation. Employees from across several functions with different levels of experience participated in the event. The event started with basic 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) training. Next participants created a map of the current processes by observing, measuring and timing process operations. Brainstorming was then done to conceptualize what a new process map would look like. Lastly, a new process was implemented, tweaked and results reported. Through the teamwork of this exercise, advantages were discovered in bringing processes closer together and using a one piece flow. Also, individuals were freed up to cross-train and work in other high demand areas. If that wasn’t enough we discovered we are able to double our snow trailer production per day, improving our already fast product to market! We are passionate about providing great quality and value at an exceptional price. Our commitment to lean manufacturing will continue.

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