TC Series

For those who demand the best, the classic Triton TC is now even better.  With new aesthetics and features, the TC is a year-round crossover trailer perfect for snow machines, ATVs, lawn mowers and moving household goods – whatever an outdoor adventure or a weekend project entails.


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  • Fully Welded, All-Aluminum Frame: Fully welded lower and upper frames provide a solid structure for years of loading and unloading. Outperforms alternatives that use joined/screwed frame construction.
  • Sealed To A T: All doors have an integrated seal design to prevent leaks, keeping cargo dry.
  • Four Cord Rubber Galvanized Torsion Axle: Designed for a smooth ride and corrosion resistance.
  • 5/8” Marine Grade Deck: Fully treated marine grade plywood deck stands up to the elements for years of use.
  • A Smooth Finish: Sleek, screwless aluminum side walls and clear lenses on the exterior trailer lights add a modern touch.
  • 4’X4’ Front Door: Get full access to machines and cargo through the huge 4’X4’ front door option.
  • Better Lighting Inside And Out: An easy flip of the switch illuminates a bright interior dome light and the integrated rear loading light.
  • Infinite Tie Down Positions: Secure whatever you’re carrying. Full-length Quickslides™ offer adjustable tie down positions the full length of the trailer bed.
  • Ramp Approach And Bridge: It’s the loading trifecta. The wear strip on the ramp approach is positioned at the strike point for snowmobile carbides. The kick panel at the door frame guides skis or wheels to prevent catching. A rubber ramp bridge protects the door hinges from snow and ice buildup. Up, in, done.
Number of Motorcycles22222-3
Bed (width x length)98" x 127"98" x 143"98" X 127"98" x 143"80.5" x 191"
Rear Door (width x length)93" x 63"93" x 63" 93" x 63"93" x 63"76" x 63"
Carrying Capacity2,025 lbs2,000 lbs2,025 lbs2,000 lbs1,815 lbs
Carrying Capacity (with brakes)2,030 lbs2,005 lbs2,030 lb2,005 lbs2,320 lbs
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