What annual maintenance should be done on my trailer?

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete trailer maintenance and part maintenance (such as trailer actuators and brake readjustment) directions. The following are just a few maintenance tips that should be checked each time before towing your trailer.
1. Be sure all parts, bolts, and nuts are tight.
2. Secure the load to the trailer with tie downs.
3. Check tire pressure while the tires are cold.
4. Check and adjust wheel bearings if necessary after the first 50 miles of use.
5. Inspect and repack wheel bearings as needed.
6. Check that the bed locking pin is in place, for trailers with this feature.
7. Do not exceed trailer capacity.
8. Be sure all lights are operating and are disconnected before backing into water.
9. Coupling ball: make sure you are using the size marked on the trailer coupling and that the coupling is securely latched to the ball.
10. Cross the safety chains under the tongue and secure to the towing vehicle.
11. Check brake operation.