How should I maintain trailer doors?

Following are general guidelines for maintaining your trailer doors. These guidelines are suggested by Triton Trailers for prolonged life of your trailer but are not guaranteed to do so nor do they serve as an extension of the warranty period. These guidelines are not all-encompassing and other care may be needed depending on the use of your specific trailer and the environment.
1. Lubricate door hinges and latches several times a year or as needed for ease of function. Man door hinges: use a spray white lithium grease or silicone. Ramp door hinges: use a lithium complex grease, NLGI #2
2. Check door seals several times a year to verify that none are torn or damaged and replace as needed.
3. Consider replacing seals or damaged parts to avoid possible further damage to the door or trailer.
4. Be certain that all doors are properly latched and locked (if applicable) and all deadbolts are engaged when the trailer is in transit.
5. Keeping doors clean will also help sealing and overall function. Don’t use abrasive cleaners; mild soap and water are recommended for cleaning.