Please refer to the trailer tire wear diagnostic chart located in the axle manufacturer’s manual to diagnose improper tire wear.  Click product support to find manuals.

A “P” tire is for passenger car use where as an “ST” (specialty trailer) tire is designed for use on trailers. An “LT” reference on a tire means Light Truck.

Tires have their own warranty from the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance. The manufacturer’s name and phone number should be found on the tire wall itself.

Please torque in a 3 step process.  First, torque all lug nuts to 20-25 lbs. Second, torque all lug nuts to 50-60 lbs. Third, torque all lug nuts to 95-100 lbs. The recommended torque is 95-100 lbs for lugs on aluminum rims. Please refer to the axle manufacturer’s manual to get the exact spec.

Always tighten in a “star” pattern. Tighten one nut, then move across to the next and next until all are tight.

It is suggested to check lug nut torques on new trailers at 50 miles, at 200 miles, and every 500 to 1,000 miles thereafter.

All trailer tires should be inflated to the recommended PSI listed on the Tire Data Label on your trailer and or the specification stamped on the side of the respective tire. The total weight capacity of the tire, as listed, is based on the tire being inflated to that tire pressure. Please also check the sidewalls of your tires for the max PSI rating and load rating.

Check the tire air pressure each time you tow the trailer. Trailer tires can lose air at the same rate as car tires, which can be up to about 1 PSI per week minimum.