Photo of 4 member curling team
Curling Team

After coming across a Triton Curling team photo we had to learn more! This team curls at the Granite Curling Club, which is one of the oldest curling clubs in North America (1880) located in Winnipeg Manitoba. They have been curling there for about 15 years in the once a week men’s league. A few years back they even won the men’s club championship! We’ve been told mainly they curl for fun, exercise, and a night out with the boys. There are many Canadian and World Championship teams that call the Granite Curling Club home and play on the pro curling tours. This team wanted to mimic the pro-team and with the help of our regional sales representative (Fast Enterprises) they did. The team includes Ron Enns, Bob Enns, Vic Enns, Nick Enns and Alfie Dick from Enns Brothers (multiple Triton dealer of the year award winner recipient) dealership. Best of luck this season!

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