We are excited to sponsor Brian Baldwin, Pro Watercross and AquaX Pro Enduro racer.  Brian began racing in 1999.  According to Brian, “I basically live and breathe jet skis.”  In addition to multiple regional titles, Brian is a seven-time National Champion and 6-time World Champion.  In January 2018, he was crowned the first-ever AquaX World Champion.  Like Triton, Brian is incredibly passionate about his sport and strives for excellence, and we are pleased to have the Triton Trailers brand associated with Brian’s race team and his significant accomplishments.  Check out Brian’s Pro Watercross tour dates here or AquaCross Pro Enduro race here.

Congratulations to Angela for being our first ever raffle winner! We recently had a little fun raffling off an XT12-101SQ. Tickets were sold for $5 and Triton employees could purchase as many as they wanted. All proceeds went to a non-profit chosen by the winner. Knowing the positive impact of this, some employees even gave extra! Angela chose Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Washington County to receive the $915 raised! Angela has a new trailer and Big Brothers and Big Sisters have the proceeds – a win, win.

Were you at the Neosho Cup Snowmobile Race this weekend? We were! We were excited to help celebrate their 25th year with our annual sponsorship! The racing included Pro, Trail, Semi-Pro, Masters, Factory and Womans. The TC118 we brought along lives for this. Including a 4′ x 4′ contoured front access door with gas shocks, full-width drip rail over the rear door, high 8″ kick panel that extends to the door frame among other standard features. We also had a great opportunity to talk to fellow snowmobile enthusiasts about career opportunities with Triton Trailers. If you missed us at the races, check out our job opportunities here! Sending a special congratulations to all the winners from the day!

Triton Trailers was happy to come alongside FXR Mobile Medical to provide a brand new premium all-aluminum custom trailer. See how on track medical care has aided in increasing rider safety during Snocross events.

Triton employees recently had an awesome Friday night out to cheer on our Milwaukee Brewers! This 12 inning game against the Dodgers ended with a Brewers loss but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the night out. The night started with a bus ride from Triton to Miller Park followed by must have tailgating.

New for 2017 we’ve added a wider model to our ATV series. This unique product offers 90 inches of width, capable of accepting today’s wider powersports vehicles. Side and rear load a combination of equipment with the light easy to maneuver twin ramps.

Other features include:

  • Thick 5/8” fully treated marine grade plywood for durability and superior protection from the elements and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Side or rear load with the wide 13″ light easy to use aluminum twin ramps. Ramps can adjust the full width of the trailer rear to accommodate different wheel widths.
  • Slide-in ramps for under the deck storage with patented ramp clamp storage system designed to reduce noise when hauling. Includes padlocks.
  • Two full-length Quickslide channels for full deck adjustability.
  • A-Frame tongue for added support and weight distribution.

Our ATV90 additions are available in four different sized models: ATV1090-TR, ATV1490-TR, ATV1490-2-TR and ATV1890-TR.

Find your ATV90 trailer here!

This article originally appeared in ATV World Magazine.
Volume 13, Issue 6 2017

When John Reiser and Bob Peisch built their first boat lift in John’s garage in 1975, little did they know more than 40-years later their small start-up company would become one of the most recognizable and respected names in aluminum trailers. The fabrication skills of John, Bob, and soon many of their employees became evident as the company grew quickly and manufactured farm gates, wood-burning furnaces and even store front canopies. Eventually it was trailers that became the signature product for the company that became known as Triton. With rapid growth the company moved beyond the garage first to Allenton, Wisconsin and then to a 190,000 square-foot facility in Hartford, Wisconsin. Eventually John retired and the company forged forward under the guidance of his daughter and son-in-law. In early 2013, Triton was purchased by Jacsten Holdings and today is now under the leadership of Jack Cordan. Today Triton trailers and associated products are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and select international markets. Obviously the Triton crew rarely rests, but we managed to steal away just enough of their time to glean the 411 intel for this issue.

What is the origin of the Triton name?

Company founders John and Bob wanted a name that was easy to say, easy to spell, and sounded big. They both wrote a name down on a slip of paper and exchanged them. Ironically both of them had written triton! Previously both of them had fished on a boat named “Triton” and felt it was fitting. Triton means King of the Sea.

Tell us about some of your best-selling trailers or products for off-road enthusiasts?

Our AUT1072 and AUT1272 trailers have been very popular models for off-road enthusiasts. Both are high-end all-aluminum deck trailers designed to transport today’s latest off-road vehicles. Both feature a low deck height for easy loading and unloading as well as ease of towing. The low center of gravity design results in a trailer that offers greater wind resistance. Our ATV128-TR model has also been popular with off-roaders. The trailer features twin ramps and is able to accommodate different wheelbases making it extremely versatile and able to grow with an owners chaining fleet of vehicles. We also have some new up and comers like our AUX, TILT and ATV90 line mentioned later.

There’s a lot of trailer manufacturers, what makes Triton different and better?

More than anything it is our experience. We’ve been manufacturing trailers for more than 40-years and over that time we have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to build trailers that perform and are incredibly durable. Recently, we’ve taken that to the next level and are in the final stages of ISO 9001:2015 certification! Equally important is our extensive dealer and distributor network. They are second to none and put customer satisfaction above all else.

How do you test your trailers and products to ensure long lasting quality?

For starters our trailers are designed using a combination of the knowledge we have gained from over 40-years of experience and blended with modern engineering techniques like modeling all of our trailers in 3D and using finite element analysis to optimize the design. We also build prototypes and do in house testing to determine the load limits and assure we have proper safety factors integrated into the design. We then cycle the products in use to get pre-production miles on the trailers. When we do the first production runs we then validate that the production trailer matches the pre-production. The majority of Triton employees are enthusiasts that use the trailers. We use and abuse the trailers in real world conditions.

What’s the best way to purchase Triton?

Through an authorized Triton Dealer located throughout the United States and Canada. We have more than 800 dealers in North America and you can find one near you by visiting our website at tritontrailers.com and clicking on the “find a dealer” link. We have an extensive network of over 800 dealers throughout North America.

Do you offer any type of warranty or guarantee?

We offer an industry leading limited 5-year warranty when your trailer is registered on our website. Some of our models have marine grade plywood which also has a limited lifetime warranty.

What new Triton product/trailer has you most excited and why?

Our ATV90 series and our AUX beavertail models have us excited for the upcoming riding season. Obviously the off-road powersports segment has been immensely popular but until now trailers have been built to haul smaller ATV or a single side-by-side vehicle. Our new ATV90 and AUX beavertail models allow easy transporting of larger side-by-side vehicles in-line. We are also expanding our line of TILT trailers to include three different sized aluminum models.

Tell us something about the company that you wish more people knew.

I think more than anything is our employees are riders and they bring that experience and passion to work. Everyone has a say in what we do, from the janitor to the CEO. We’re riders and that allows us to understand our customers better.

What is something you are sure to find inside Triton headquarters employee fridge?

Freezer pops and popsicles.

Where is your or your employee’s favorite place to ride?

That’s a tough one but I’d say anywhere in the Wisconsin Northwoods is atop our list. From Vilas County to Hurly to Eagle River to Drummond…the riding in northern Wisconsin is simply fantastic.

What’s next for the company?

Things are crazy busy at Triton and while I can’t completely spill the beans I’ll simply say watch for more off-road innovation in our enclosed line of trailers. However, you can also expect us to continue building structurally strong, quality aluminum trailers.

In 10 words or less tell me why someone should buy Triton?

Triton stands up to the lifestyle demands of our customers.

New for 2017 Triton expands its line of Tilt trailers elevating the category and setting a new bar for quality and workmanship. Extensive attention to detail, multiple tie-down capabilities and extreme ease of operation are sure to provide years of satisfied use. The tilt operation was engineered to optimize the pivot point and to provide a soft and calibrated actuation. Ensuring Triton robustness is the use of a wishbone frame construction ensuring alignment and precise motion.

Our Tilt family is available in three different sized models: TILT1072, TILT1282 and TILT1482.

Find your Tilt trailer here!

After coming across a Triton Curling team photo we had to learn more! This team curls at the Granite Curling Club, which is one of the oldest curling clubs in North America (1880) located in Winnipeg Manitoba. They have been curling there for about 15 years in the once a week men’s league. A few years back they even won the men’s club championship! We’ve been told mainly they curl for fun, exercise, and a night out with the boys. There are many Canadian and World Championship teams that call the Granite Curling Club home and play on the pro curling tours. This team wanted to mimic the pro-team and with the help of our regional sales representative (Fast Enterprises) they did. The team includes Ron Enns, Bob Enns, Vic Enns, Nick Enns and Alfie Dick from Enns Brothers (multiple Triton dealer of the year award winner recipient) dealership. Best of luck this season!

Triton employees showed up in a big way for the Hartford community giving tree. Employees stepped up with jackets, games, toys, and even TWO bicycles to make sure Christmas didn’t miss anyone this year. We also teamed up with the Hartford Youth Football club to join in the Christmas parade! We are proud, but not surprised by our team’s commitment to serving our community.