Prestige Series

The Prestige Series is designed for multi-season and multi-sport hauling, whether across town or across the country.  Standard Prestige trailers are often customized with storage and tie down options for hauling snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and gear.  The Prestige Series has Triton’s construction, fit and finish and offers the following standard features.

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  • Multi-Use Carrying Capacity: Fixture-built frame with custom extrusions has 19” on center (8’ wide model) or 24” on center (7’ wide model) floor crossmembers.
  • Easy Entry and Exit: Ramp approach has a built-in transition for easy loading.
  • Smooth Aluminum Skin: Bonded (screwless) .030” aluminum panel exterior.
  • Adjustable Tie Down Positions: Two full-length Quickslides provide infinite tie down options. Tie down bars included.
  • Double-Seal Ramp Doors: Spring-assist ramp door with double seal prevents leaks, keeping cargo dry.
  • Aluminum wheels: 13” radial tires (8’ wide model) or 14” radial tires (7’ wide model) with aluminum rims.
  • Torsion Axle: Four cord rubber torsion axle with optional electric brakes.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Number of ATVs222-32-333-43-4444
Bed Width80.5"80.5"80.5"80.5"80.5"80.5"98"98"98"98"
Bed Length14'16'18'20'22'24'16'20'22'24'
Rear Door Opening
(width x height)
76" x 69" up to 87"76" x 69" up to 87"76" x 69" up to 87"76" x 69" up to 87"76" x 69" up to 87"76" x 69" up to 87"92" x 69" up to 87"92" x 69" up to 87"92" x 69" up to 87"92" x 69" up to 87"
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
3,350 lbs3,250 lbs4,150 lbs3,925 lbs3,700 lbs3,475 lbs3,100 lbs3,650 lbs3,525 lbs3,400 lbs


Doors & Windows



Interior Walls





Racks Cabinets Shelves & Seats

Spare Tire Storage

Tie Downs