UT Series

The durable UT Series is ready to haul large equipment, vehicles and commercial goods. Combination extruded aluminum and marine grade plywood decks stand up to heavy-duty hauling. Take a look at some additional features below, and be sure to request a quote from your dealer when you find the model you’re looking for.

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  • Fully Welded Frame: The Triton difference – all-aluminum, fully welded box frame provides a solid structure for years of loading and unloading. Frame is fixture-built with custom extrusions, providing added strength with Triton fit and finish.
  • Stake Pockets: Ten stake pockets welded to the frame provide tie down points or are convenient to build your own side kit to contain loads.
  • UT12, UT16 Combination Deck: Plywood and extruded aluminum deck provides durability and an integrated tie down system to secure loads. Fully treated 5/8” marine grade plywood stands up to the elements for years of outdoor use. (Models UT12, UT12-2 and UT16)
  • UT16-7 Heavy Duty Deck: A heavy duty 1" plywood deck with deck joiners and four heavy duty tie downs are suitable for tough jobs. (Model UT16-7)
  • Sealed LED Lights and Wiring: LED lights are sealed and wiring throughout trailer is sealed and encased in aluminum tubing, resisting corrosion caused by moisture.
  • Torsion Axles: Independent suspension with four cord rubber torsion axle provides a smooth ride.
  • Tongue Jack: 1500# swivel wheel tongue jack with 10” up/down travel helps you easily move your trailer into position.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Number of ATV's1122
(width x length)
81" x 144"81" x 144"81" x 192"81" x 192"
Overall Dimensions
(width x length)
101" x 191"101" x 192"101" x 238"101" x 238"
Deck Height21"21"21"22"
Carrying Capacity2,215 lbs2,095 lbs1,995 lbs
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
2,720 lbs5,100 lbs5,000 lbs5,825 lbs
Trailer Weight780 lbs900 lbs1,000 lbs1,175 lbs