Stabilize the rear of your trailer during loading.

Models Available:
Hybrid TC: TC118, TC128 and TC167

This adapter kit raises where the tongue jack is mounted for use on lower tongue trailers. This will help the tongue jack from bottoming out from steep inclines. This kit can be used with or without the #08519 Spare Tire Kit.

The inset picture shows why this kit has larger holes. These larger holes allow you to use a socket wrench to reach the nuts and bolt heads for easier installation.

Easily lift and lower your tongue jack. Includes foot plate and manual crank handle. A 12 volt battery, battery tray, and storage box sold separately.

Make the rear of your trailer more sturdy when loading. Comes as a  pair and with a hand crank that is stored inside the trailer. Can also be installed in front of your trailer for added stability.

With a press of a button raise and lower the tongue. Great option for any larger trailer.

(Requires 12v auxiliary battery)

Stabilizer jack stand with a crank handle stored inside.

Available Models:
VC-816, VC-818, VC-820

Stabilize the rear of your trailer during loading.

Models Available:
Vault: VC-610, VC-612, VC-612-2, VC-614, VC-712, VC-712-2, VC-714, VC-716

Hybrid TC: TC118-LR, TC128-LR

The Swivel Wheel Tongue Jack is helpful when moving a trailer off of the hitch as well as keeping the tongue off the ground during storage. This jack combined with the 08519 spare tire carrier store two important accessories compact on the tongue of the trailer. A-frame trailers mount separately.

(inset also pictures the optional 08519 spare tire carrier)