FIT Series

As its name suggests, the FIT Series is uniquely designed to fit whatever you are hauling. With a broad range of trailer sizes and carrying capacities, a wide range of accessory kits that fit every trailer model, and the most tie down possibilities to secure cargo – FIT Series is the go-to trailer, no matter what you are hauling.

Rocky Mountain Edition Trim Package

Whether your destination is deep powder or miles of well groomed trails, begin and end an awesome day of riding with the Rocky Mountain edition. Designed for extreme weather conditions, it’s fully loaded with a propane heating system, finished interior and plenty of storage for gear. An on-board battery powers the interior and exterior LED lights and stereo system when parked, making it easy to work on machines inside and load after dark. Like you, being outdoors recharges its battery, thanks to a roof-mounted solar panel that trickle-charges the on-board battery system.

TC Series

For those who demand the best, the classic Triton TC is now even better. With new aesthetics and features, the TC is a year-round crossover trailer perfect for snow machines, ATVs, lawn mowers and moving household goods – whatever an outdoor adventure or a weekend project entails.

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