Triton's Coveralls are a great accessory to add to your snowmobile trailer.  It gives your toys the superior protection that they deserve!  All aluminum unibody frame and innovative engineering make this a solid cover to protect your toys for years to come!    

Triton Coveralls are made for Triton snowmobile trailers that are 10', 11', and 12' long with 101" wide decks, except for the Single Place 2KF Coverall which installs on the Elite5 trailer model.

Please Note:
Some snowmobiles are coming out with Tall or Extra Tall windshields which will not have enough clearance in a standard cover.  The Yamaha Venture RSGT and the Ski Doo GTX are two of the models (but not limited to those two models) have these "higher" windshields.  Triton now offers you two choices, either order one of our HIGH BOY covers for your Triton snowmobile trailer (shown right) or check out the next step in enclosed trailer hauling, the TC Series (link provided below).  Both options off higher clearances inside to load and haul these type of sleds without any problems.


Check out the next level of Enclosed trailers in the Triton TC 7' wide and TC 8' wide trailers the cost bridge between aluminum covers and fully enclosed trailers!

Nice for more than just snowmobiles!
Keep your toys clean and safe from the elements!
Improved access through the large access door in front to get at those tiedown bars and gear!
High Boy Covers
High Boy Covers are great for those taller windshield snowmobiles!