Versatile New Kayak Trailer Design

We are excited to introduce the new ”KL” outdoor recreational trailer. This trailer is perfect for the silent sports enthusiast. It has been designed to carry a large variety of recreational products such as kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, sailboards, canoes, bikes, storage boxes, coolers and other equipment. The trailer arms accept most direct bolt on and wide bar clamp systems from Yakima®, Thule®, Malone® and Hobie®. Use this trailer for your passion today and what you grow to love tomorrow. Find out more information here.

“Ready to explore, Triton’s new KL trailer is built for adventure and it’s perfect for the silent sports enthusiasts! It is designed to carry a large variety of recreational products in many configurations. KL is low profile and it’s great for aerodynamics and better gas mileage and could even be towed behind a small tow vehicle. Lightweight aluminum construction and protected galvanized axle, the KL also has a molded and protected wire harness which illuminates sealed lights. The KL is DOT and Transport Canada compliant.

From a base unit, the KL can be customized to haul more by adding an optional unique mast and arm system. Grab some basic hand tools and get ready for assembly. Loosely attach locking plates to support the mast on the front and rear of the trailer. Slide the mast into place and tighten with a ratchet. Insert and tighten the locking plate. Slide arm into place and secure allowing enough room for your gear.

Using glass cleaner slide the rubber cushion into the wider 5/16 channel. Place vinyl cap on all arm ends. Insert the provided cap on the top of each mast. If you are installing a bike tray take your time measuring out the spacing and use an electric drill and a 5/16 drill bit and attach with 5/16 hardware not supplied.

The arms are engineered to work with most direct bolt-on systems including those from Yakima® Thule® Malone® and Hobie®. Adjust the arms if you need more space. KL also accommodates many clamp-on systems. Triton offers a special tie down that slides easily into the side channel for securing crafts. Demonstrated is one layout to show the versatility of the KL including a canoe, kayak, space for three bikes and storage box using a variety of attachments. The KL accommodates new and old style sweet rolls. Triton’s exclusive cradle includes easy to adhere thick foam cushioning to protect your kayak. Use your tie-down straps to secure crafts. This configuration shows three crafts with room for three more.

The KL from Triton is built for adventure.”


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  • Robert Ross

    Suggested Retail Price Please?

  • Stevie

    Hi Robert,
    To get a suggested retail price, please reach out to a dealer near you. To find a dealer enter your zip code here. If you have any problems please give us a call at 800-232-3780. Thanks for your interest in Triton!

  • Carl Hass

    Do you have any measurments for this trailer?

  • Stevie

    Hi Carl, Yes – please find more measurements here. I will also shoot you an email if you are looking for something more specific.

  • Barb Bitzer

    First and foremost, being a Wisconsinite myself I am very pleased Triton trailers are made right here in my great state! Anyway, I just purchased a Triton KL trailer and want to fit my old style Yakima kayak saddles and rollers to the trailer rails. I’ve watched the video at this website, even saw my particular saddles and rollers in it but with still framing the video on them I couldn’t make out how to attach them to the rails. No amount of online searching has given me any clues. Please, I need your help telling me specifically what I need to do to move on to kayak hauling heaven! Thank You!

  • Stevie

    Hi Barb, We are so excited you purchased the KL trailer! There are so many great places right here in WI to kayak! We’re sorry to hear the difficulty you’ve had attaching your saddles and rollers, however. The first question I have is do you have 5/16″ carriage bolt, nut and washer hardware set? After removing the black cover from the end of the KL arm, you can slide the 5/16″ bolts down the wider channel (one channel is 1/4″ and one is 5/16″) and then attach your Yakima products. I will send you an email as well if this doesn’t help perhaps you can forward me some photos?